Bad Decisions

For some people budgeting and living within their means is easy.  For me…clearly that is not the case.  I’m generally a private person when it comes to finances and right now this is one of the hardest things I’ve done but it’s the only way I feel I can keep myself accountable on getting myself into financial stability.  I haven’t written anything someone other than myself will read in a very long time.  Somewhat sad considering I have an BA in Writing and Literature, but better late than never.  So…here we go and I’m very sorry if I’m rusty.  My name is Breann and I am currently $12,400 in debt.

Me 28

That’s me.  Minus the curls.  Most people like to ask, “How did you get into debt?”  The answer quite honestly is very simple.  Bad decisions.  It’s okay to admit you made bad decisions.  People do it every day.  Whether it’s opening a new credit card when you really can’t pay your rent or deciding you’re going to open that expensive plan at the gym down the street instead of paying the phone bill.  People make mistakes and it’s okay. Problem is, many people want to blame other people for their bad decisions.  This is true especially of us single people.  No one else made me open a credit card.  No one but myself made the decision to move in with my boyfriend (now ex) and get an expensive apartment and new furniture.  Oh sure I had help, but no one forced me to do it.  I just did.  I take responsibility for my financial situation.

I’ve read dozens of blogs and programs that talk about getting out of debt but none of them seem to be geared towards singles.  They appear to be geared towards families.  Nothing wrong with that it’s just very disheartening to know that most financial programs are focused on a family with two sources of income.  In my case it’s just me.  I work two jobs hoping I’ll have enough left over to put back into some form of savings.  Life is expensive.  Even more expensive for the women I know who are single parenting and trying to make ends meet.  We want security.  We want financial stability.  Without paying through the nose of course.  Ultimately I’m writing this blog for me, but I am hoping that if even one person is encouraged by watching me try to get out of debt and know they aren’t alone, I’ve already done more than I could ever hope to by just keeping my debt journey to myself.



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